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Learning all about SEO is one thing, and a very important one at that, but it is not going to be of too much use if you are left unsure about how it actually applies to you and your business.

That is why we offer a full SEO audit/consultation service designed to provide you with true insights as to where your business has strengths and weaknesses as relating to your SEO.

In-Depth Audit

So what exactly do we do for you?

We go through your entire business with a fine toothed comb to truly understand where your business is doing things right and where you are doing things wrong. We will go through your entire online presence to make sure we completely understand the full scope of your business.

Here are just a few services we often provide through our audit;

  • Keyword/Phrase Analysis – Are you using the correct keywords and phrases that are properly matched to those your customers are using on a regular basis? We make sure that you are perfectly placed to take advantage of the correct keywords for your business.
  • Content Analysis – We will work our way through your content to ensure that you are primed to place highly in search rankings as well as to enjoy a high conversion rate of traffic visiting your website.
  • Code Analysis – We go to the very depth of your website to understand exactly the true nature of your particular requirements.
  • Inbound Link Analysis – Are visitors coming to your website from a link seeing exactly what they should? We will analyse this and provide you with appropriate recommendations to make sure your visitor conversion rate is high.
  • Competition Analysis – What are the common themes applicable to the top performing websites in your sector? We will analyse your competition as well as you to understand the tricks they are using so that you may benefit.
  • Social Media – We will analyse both your social media profile and the general mood of the climate to formulate a campaign that will truly resonate with your community and bring you incredible success.

Please note however that this is just a general overview of services that we can provide you in order to give you a taste of what you can potentially expect.

We make a detailed analysis of your business to learn where you need help and where you don’t, so if your business does not have any way to apply some of the above techniques we will not implement them.

Our service is completely tailored to your requirements.

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SEO Training Courses

SEO Consultation in Melbourne

We are proud to offer our clients an ongoing consultation service to make sure they are truly getting the most out of their SEO optimisation.

In order to keep costs to an absolute minimum you may decide once you have your action plan that you want to tackle it yourself or you may feel that you might learn it more comprehensively by doing it yourself.

If that’s the case we are always here to help you if you should run into any little troubles along the way. We have the experience, dedication and approachable nature required to always provide an answer to any queries you may have.

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